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A good friend recently asked me to pull a few looks together for her for an upcoming vacation, in search of warmer weather. Instead of keep them to myself, I figured I'd toss them into a vacation wear blog. I'm a firm believer that you can be a 40 something year old woman and still dress cool without looking like you're stepping out of a music video. Do those even exist anymore? I don't think so. Anyway, she's cute as hell and has been working hard on that body of hers, so she needs to show it off. And so should you. Click on pics for links to each piece. Happy warmer weather shopping!

Look #1- I'm obsessed with a white tank top with basically anything on the bottom. A tank is cheap, simple and goes with everything. Especially some faux leather joggers for dinner out. Slept in your tank and want to hit breakfast the next morning? Pop on some cute plaid pull on tights and throw on sneakers.

Look #2

Links to stuff in looks

Look #3- I love the colors burnt orange and army green together. And let's not forget that white tank top that goes with everything. That is all.

Look #4

Links to stuff in looks

Looks 5, 6, 7 & 8 Jumpsuits!- Jumpsuits are my favorite, easy outfit that always looks pulled together. Worked on your abs all winter? Do a strapless wide leg jumpsuit with cutouts. Feeling more casual? Go with a jogger jumpsuit. You literally cannot go wrong with a jumpsuit, I promise you.

Look...9?- This tank IS the outfit. I know not everyone loves a print, but this print is the accessory of the outfit, which means all the hard work is already done. Pairing this with the faux leather jogger because that's A LOOK. A little double sided tape mixed with a lot of confidence, goes far with this one.

Looks 10, 11 & 12- let's end with some shorts. We all know it's 10 degrees cooler once any article of clothing is above your knees. So embrace your legs and let them breathe! Short shorts, mid thigh, bermuda, drapey trouser many choices. I especially love a paper bag waist for anyone who wants to show off their waist. It's an easy look and can be dressed up or down. And never underestimate a good bodysuit. Ever. Here are a couple of looks for day or night.

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