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Springtime room refresh!

I think I speak for us all when I say, damn it's been a long winter. Once I start to hear the birds chirping outside and it stays lighter a little bit later every week, I know spring is on its way. And sometimes that means a quick refresh on the inside both literally and metaphorically. One room, a vase filled with fresh flowers placed on the counter, a new bright colored chair that makes you happy. Bringing the colors we find outside inside, simplifying the beauty of your home by decluttering, letting go of things you've been holding onto and hanging things up that speak to your heart and fill you up, is the spring refresh we all need for our souls and our homes.

I love driftwood. It's flawed and strong, like people. Check out this cool driftwood peace sign from Pottery Barn to add to any space where people gather and spend time. It may seem kind of boring, but boring can bring a stillness and a calmness to a room. And any boring piece that can do that, I'm adding to my room.

Gallery walls...People love them but don't necessarily know how to piece one together. For me, no rules are the best kind of rules when it comes to hanging art. Replace some of your old wall pics with new pops of color. It doesn't mean you don't love your OG gallery wall, it means it's time to bring some color back into your space for the season, or permanently if you love it. :) I'm a huge fan of the site They have so many cool prints at decent prices and tons of decorating ideas. The whole idea of a gallery wall is to keep it fun and personal to your style and who you are. Check them out!

Wallpaper. Hear me out. It's not the same wallpaper from our childhood where it took hours and hours to apply and even longer to remove. Peel and stick friends. And you don't have to commit to an entire room. Pick a corner of a room, a small bathroom, an accent wall. Anywhere you want a splash of unexpected cool in the room. There's such a huge range of wallpaper available out there, from super cost effective to super expensive. It's just a matter of your budget and what you love. Make a wall the focal point of a room, or just frame some wallpaper you love and make it wall art. Here are a couple of wallpaper designs that just sing to me lately.

Birds represent freedom to me. And I don't think I've ever seen a more beautiful representation of that than here with

My husband is from California, so must represent. Here's a fresh, modern take on traditional Toile from and I'm in love with it.

Lips! Stay with me here...find a corner that needs some love, and pop this on the wall. It's a whimsy, cool and brings a little fun into your home. I love love love this wallpaper from the Novogratz.

A lighter colored rug lifts a room, makes it feel a little lighter and brighter. And textured rugs hide dirt, while adding interest and a boho feel to a room without looking like you're trying to hard. Genius. I promise you, they do hide dirt. I have two very active boys, and they have yet to destroy our living room rug. Here are some of my favorites.

Live plants. They're bright, and green and pretty and bring oxygen into the room. Who doesn't need that? And you can pretty much grab one anywhere, from the grocery store to a farmer's market to a nursery. A couple of examples below that I think really add something to a room, without taking out a second mortgage to accomplish change.

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