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Spring Fling!

I'll be real honest with you, I've been living in 50 shades of black and all the sweatpants for the past year. Black will always be a staple for me. Black is chic, black is reliable and black is beautiful. But putting on a pop of color with any outfit? That gives me LIFE. I feel happier and I think I look happier. Putting things on that make you feel good matters. Putting on colors that change your mood is an actual thing. I don't know, chemicals in the brain, whatever, but it happens and that's pretty cool. The sun is shining today, and while I'm currently living out of a suitcase for the next month with all of my favorite spring things packed in a POD, I wanted to write about all the colors and things that just tend to lighten a mood, because friends, we are just a few short weeks shy of spring. Wear the happy colors, wear lipstick with sweats, wear jewelry with a tank, wear whatever shifts your spirits and fills up your soul...whatever the hell makes you happy sis, because it's been a year. I could go on about side parts and skinny jeans, but I'm Gen X, so I make my own fashion rules and frankly I don't care what others think about it. Spring 2021 is giving me Katherine Ryan in the Dutchess vibes...walking her daughter to school in a sequin duster ( can pick it up at Anthropologie) or going to see her former boy bander ex-husband in monochrome bright red, including a fantastic tulle skirt. Live yo life and wear what makes you feel beautiful.

Let's throw together a few outfits, yeah?

Overalls are back and jumpers never left. Here's the perfect easy Saturday outfit. A bright jumper, simple white tank, some leather thong sandals and hair tied up with a print bandana. Or tie the bandana around your neck for a dressier vibe. Click away to check out these pieces.

Casual but classic. Some comfy sneakers with a navy pant, chambray button down accessorized with a heavier toggle necklace and a pop of color with a chartreuse colored bag, makes for the perfect cool outfit. Click away to check out these pieces.

Boho comfort is a spring uniform for me. A beautiful print skirt with a simple black tank and jean jacket to toss on once the sun goes down with a flat black sandal. Adding one accessory to this ensemble is perfection. Pick one...earrings, a necklace or a bracelet. Wear what feels good on your body! Click away to check out these pieces.

There's nothing more beautiful or simple to throw on than a maxi dress. And a classic white dress, even better. Sometimes you just want to let the dress be the accessory, so I'd just toss some delicate strappy brown sandals on with this beauty from Free People. Click away to check out these pieces.

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