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Merry Everything!

It's time to decorate for the Holidays. Like now. Yes, really. Let's face it, we all need a little joy just a little bit earlier this year, and we're calling upon the twinkle light gods and the Hallmark Channel to deliver it! Also, I will never suppress my love for Target, because it's really all you need to get that cozy, merry, glowy look you want in your home this Season. I like to keep my decor really simple and clean. Keep it light, bright and happy. Check out these sweet finds.

Growing up, my mom had tons of cool figurines she'd set up every Christmas. And when those came out, I knew a lot of magic was about to follow inside our home. I tend to lean towards Nordic Holiday decor, personally. These beautiful house figurines would look perfect surrounded by some natural greens on a hallway table or a mantel. And I love the unpredictability of the black, and how great it will look against a white wall, surrounded by greens. Pop a tea light in there, and wait for the magic to happen.

Next on my list? Garland. A very simple, beautiful garland. Joanna Gaines is always showing up for us, y'all. This is no exception. Add this to your mantel, around your windows or up your stair railing for a pretty touch of green. Want to layer garland on top of garland? Me too. Go for it. It's 2020, there are no rules anymore. I love love love this Santa's sleigh garland. Add it wherever it makes your heart happy!

I love a Christmas wall sign, but usually they're a little bit overkill for me. This sweet, basic black sign mixed with natural cord will look chic, while still letting everyone who enters your home know what time of year it is, without screaming it from the rooftops.

Want to add a little red? Let's do it. Love this merry everything whimsy pillow. Want to get a little crazier? Let's layer it with another one. And mix it up. Matchy match isn't a thing anymore, I'm calling it. This Christmas tree pillow adds texture and pairs perfectly.

GNOMES! Everything you never knew you needed. They can go anywhere. On your kitchen counter, your dining table, that mantel next to some bottle brush trees (link below), everywhere and anywhere.

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