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Fall Makeup Trends

Updated: Sep 23

It's been a minute! But it's a gorgeous, cooler evening tonight where I live, and that gets me in the mood for two things...fall candles and fall makeup. I've been perusing various online magazines, blogs, and a few fall makeup trends keep popping up...clean, dewy skin, natural brows (i.e. no more drawn on, harsh marker brows), a colored lip and eyeliner. Yes, eyeliner has returned. For some it never left, I get it. I did see something about more lashes trending for the fall, but I have to disagree with that one. I really think that the heavy, fake lashes are on their way out, and we're going with a more nude eye this fall and winter. Whatever you choose, make sure you love it and wear it confidently. Let's dive in for a 2021 fall look.

Dewy Skin. I don't ever love a heavy foundation. I find that especially as I age, a heavier foundation tends to make me look older than I am. So I tend to lean towards a cc cream, even during the fall and winter months. Ilia has peaked my interest for some time now, with their super serum skin tint. Ilia is a clean beauty, no fuss brand, which is something I gravitate towards. Minimal packaging, more focus on the product itself. The Ilia skin tint is a light coverage, tinted SPF 40 serum, that gives a boost to your skin while delivering a dewy glow. The formula includes a blend of Hyaluronic Acids, plant-based Squalane and Niacinamide, all which work together to soothe, hydrate and protect your skin as the air gets cooler and skin tends to get drier. Your skin looks like, well skin, while softening fine lines and imperfections. No makeup lines, it just melts right into the skin and covers lightly, while freckles still show through. The line includes up to 30 shades.

Natural Brows. Don't get me wrong, a natural brow does not mean you cannot fill in, brush out and fatten those brows up some. It just means we're kind of over seeing harsh, marker type drawn on brows. Brows don't need to match, they just need to be sisters. And brows set your entire face. If you can achieve a good brow, your face is basically done for the day. Thanks, Audrey Hepburn, for that lesson. I've tried so many different brow pencils, but I will always go back to two favorites, Anastasia Beverly Hills and Glossier's combo of boy brow and brow flick. You can use either one of these to achieve a beautiful, natural brow. If you're not a brow pro, both brands have a bunch of instructional videos online to help you out!

A colored lip. Whenever I'm doing a lip, usually berry colored, sometimes red at night if I'm leaving my house, I keep my eyes light. It's like wearing big dangly earrings with a big statement necklace. It's too much. Too many cooks in the kitchen makes for a messy meal. So the eye is neutral while the lips are the star. For fall, I love a matte lip with a big color payoff. Two brands deliver for me here, Glossier and Nars. For a daytime swipe of color, my go to is the Jam color, from Glossier. If I'm going out at night, I reach for a cult favorite, the Nars velvet matte lip pencil in either train bleu (a deep eggplant color) or cruella (a gorgeous red with blue undertones).

Eyeliner & a clean eye. Eyeliner can really open up your eyes and turn tired eyes into "I've had a couple shots of espresso let's do this" eyes. Hands down, the absolute best eyeliner, doesn't budge, zero smear that I've tried? The elf H2O Proof eyeliner pen. It's $6, and I can't exist without it. Not well anyway. Go with minimal liner if you're doing a big, bright bold lip or pile it on if you're doing a nude lip. We cannot do good eyeliner the justice it deserves unless we prep the eyelid with a beautiful neutral wash of color. Jill Dempsey makes lid tint that's easy to apply with your fingers, and leaves a gorgeous, non-creasing sheen behind on your lid. Dew is my favorite color, but she offers a handful of gorgeous neutrals for day or bolder colors for night.

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