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Curated, these are a few of my favorite things.

It's a snowy day here in the northeast today, so it's the perfect day to pull together a collection of all of the things I love and reach for daily in my own life, from jewelry to makeup to clothes. Especially as I sit here in my sweatshirt and workout tights that I have yet to workout in today. Let's do it.

I don't know if you've heard, but we're in the middle of a Worldwide Pandemic. So we've all kind of been homebound for almost a year now. The uniform lately has been sweatpants or leggings and a sweatshirt. Maybe a little makeup if I'm feeling myself that day. So how do I pick myself up a little bit while wearing the uniform? I add some diamonds. Fake, real, doesn't matter. Just add some. And a little red lipstick. And I feel better. It's magical really, diamonds and a little lipstick. Female voodoo.

I love this sweet necklace from Stone & Strand. Just enough sparkle and you can layer it easily with other necklaces without looking like you robbed a jewelry store and forgot your robber bag. Robber bag is a real term.

Don't forget the lips! I go straight to the holy grail for a good lipstick, and that's Chanel. Pop this ink lipstick from Chanel on to dress up that grey sweatshirt you know you're wearing right now. I like the Choquant color personally, just because it has a touch of blue in it and that's what works best with my skin tone during the winter months.

Vuori Joggers. If you're in any mom group online for 10 minutes, you will hear about these joggers. And eventually you'll buy a pair with a coupon code. I don't make the rules up, I just follow them, sis. They're soft and magical and comfortable. That is all.

American Giant kick flare pants are a staple in my wardrobe. I grabbed a black pair back in 2014, and when I tell you they have held up for the past 7 years and still look brand new, that's the absolute truth. There is no better legging. They suck you in and lift your butt. The magic of ponte. I've worn these with a sweatshirt one day and a feathered tank top for a fancy dinner the next day. Zero rules or limits with these pants. Perfection in a pant is possible, and American Giant achieved that.

With pants you need a comfortable tee that you can sleep in and then wear all day long. Because who's seeing you right now, let's be real. I mean you are, so let's at least keep it cute. good hYOUman is hands down one of my favorite brands. I love their messaging, always including a story about a good human with every purchase you make. And they keep you cute. I've been wearing this tee for the past two days. Don't tell anyone.

It's pretty cold this winter, and I pop this hat on daily. That's me, your favorite blogger. It's warm, and I'm hoping via the powers of osmosis, the message is channeled directly into my brain.

Let's close this blog with a swipe of mascara. Makeup really hasn't been a thing this year for me, so when I want to feel semi-human, I reach for mascara. I've tried a million different kinds, mostly because I have eyelids that sweat like know the phrase. Anyway, this stuff doesn't budge. And it curls and lifts lashes naturally without looking like you have two spiders on your eyeballs.

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